Titel: Core and strength training
Start datum: 17 mei
Begin tijd: 17:00
Eind tijd: 18:00

Join the core and strength training at the Watersports Complex to improve your physique and strength and thereby performance on the ice!rnrn rnrnDuring this training you will work on your core stability, fitness and strength.rnrn rnrnYou can register just like a normal iceskating training from 48 to 2.5 hours before the start of the training. Please note that you can register for one core and strength block per week. The number of participants per block is limited so unsubscribe yourself when you are no longer coming.rnrn rnrnYou can change and shower at the Watersportcomplex. For this you take the stairs on the canal side of the building to get inside. Once inside, the door on the left leads to the corridor with the changing rooms. Via the stairs at the back of the hallway you can go to the gym.rnrn rnrnAddress: Auke Vleerstraat 99